One HF Sinclair Culture: Living our Values, Delivering Excellence

Our longstanding commitment to ethical behavior is fundamental to how we do business. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides the foundation to our global compliance program and reflects our commitment to comply with all applicable laws, ethical decision making and doing the right thing. All company directors, officers and employees must abide by the Code. We also expect our business partners, including vendors and distributors, to operate with integrity and have implemented a Distributor Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and a Supplier Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to reinforce these expectations.

Our global compliance program enables the company to identify, mitigate and address compliance risk, while promoting an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct, a commitment to our core cultural values and operational excellence.

Speak and Be Heard

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The 'Speak and Be Heard' reporting line is a global, confidential resource for reporting perceived violations of law or raising ethical concerns. 'Speak and Be Heard' is available 24 hours a day and is available to anyone who wishes to raise concerns about perceived violations of law, our Code of Business Conduct, our policies, or other ethical concerns. HF Sinclair follows up on all reports made through 'Speak and Be Heard' and does not tolerate retaliation for reporting in good faith. By living our core cultural values—including the value of integrity—we can deliver excellence to our employees and stakeholders. To learn more, visit our 2022 Speak and Be Heard Report

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